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Frequently Asked Questions

Is storing food in such a "plastic" box safe and healthy?

The cellar is made from a properly selected material. The inside, smooth surface of walls is covered with food-friendly material certified for food contact.
Resin laminates used to build the cellar (used for yacht production) guarantees that water or unwanted creatures stay out.
The shelves are made of waterproof plywood and are also certified for food contact. The cellar keeps "fridge" temperature all year long.

Is the cellar strong enough not to collapse?

The construction of the cellar was designed to withstand a weight of 3 tons on a square meter. This makes for a hefty layer of soil, deep snow and other things put on top of it.
The cellars were tested and passed a 3000kg test without a false sound.

Is my soil suitable for the cellar?

The cellar can be installed in all kinds of soil, even where the groundwater level is very high. In such a case the cellar needs to be anchored and a drainage layer needs to be made.


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